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Image: Mount Rainier reflection, David Herrera, https://www.flickr.com/photos/dph1110/472809273/

Project objectives

  1. Using publicly available data, to map and inventory the relative level of mature and stand development of all forested land in Conterminous USA

  2. Examine where young forest has been severely impacted by natural disturbance (wildfire, insects and disease, tornadoes)

  1. Analyse the distribution of mature forest in major land tenure and land management categories

  1. Provide evidence-based information services and policy options for identifying priorities for conservation management and protected areas.

Project team

Dr Dominick DellaSala, Wild Heritage (USA)

Prof Brendan Mackey, Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University (Australia)

Dr Patrick Norman, Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University (Australia)

Carly Campbell, Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University (Australia)

Dr Pat Comer, NatureServe (USA)

Dr Brendan Rogers, Woodwell Climate Research Centre (USA)


The project was supported by a grant from One Earth.


Dr Dominick DellaSala

Chief Scientist, Wild Heritage, Project of Earth Island Institute

Mobile: +1 541-621-7223; Email: dominick@wild-heritage.org

Main office: Wild Heritage, PO Box 9451 Berkeley, CA 94709 USA