Forest maturity map

This interactive mapping app presents the main project output showing the distribution of forest maturity and stand development in 10 ordinal (ranked) classes. A simplified version of this map can also be displayed where the ten classes have been collapsed into three categories: Young (classes 1-3); Intermediate (classes 4-6) and Mature (classes 7-9) (see the Documentation page for further details). Also displayed is Mature forest within the four GAP categories.


  • The default display shows the forest maturity map in 10 ordinal classes (with class 0 being "indeterminate")

  • Clicking on the "Layers" tab shows a menu of the three available data layers (mature forest 10 classes; mature forest 3 classes; mature forest in GAP tenure. The left hand box for each data layer can be ticked on/off and if ticked on the the slider can be used to make the layer transparent

  • Also shown are the boundaries for Conterminous USA Ecoregions Level III. Clicking on an Ecoregion will reveal its name.